Choosing Your Board


Which All-Round Board would work best for you?

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Our line-up of All-Round Paddleboards are designed to accommodate most paddlers regardless of size, height, age or skill
level and are shaped to perform in a variety of water  conditions.  We offer several models giving you the opportunity to choose
a paddleboard that will best fit your particular needs or interests.  Here are some things to consider when choosing your Stand
Up Paddleboard (or SUP):

Longer and wider (basically larger) paddleboards are generally more stable in most flat water conditions such as lakes, bays,
slow moving rivers or calm ocean surfaces.  A longer board can also be used to paddle surf moderate ocean waves or boat
wake although shorter SUPs, due to their higher maneuverability, are usually a better choice for paddle surfing.  Something
else to consider is that longer boards are not only a little faster, when brought up to speed, than most shorter boards but if
also shaped with generous width and thickness will accommodate more weight and still perform efficiently.  This larger board
translates to higher volume or increased buoyancy and can be ideal for larger paddlers or those wanting to take along others
for the ride or carry more gear.

Shorter paddleboards are also great for paddling flat water conditions but will glide a little slower due to shorter waterline.
However, shorter boards of decent quality are generally lighter and therefore easier to carry and handle when transporting.
Weight capacity (measured by volume) for shorter boards will also be impacted by width and thickness as well.  The basic rule
as it applies to most all paddleboards is: the narrower the board shape the faster and more efficient the paddling speed and
glide will be; wider the board shape the more stable and solid feeling it will be.  It is beneficial to be matched with the right
length, width and overall volume in order to provide the best performance to stability ratio when purchasing your paddle
board.  At LakeSUP we pride ourselves on helping you achieve your best paddleboard match.

Most Stand Up Paddleboards have EVA foam traction mats that cover up to 3/4 of the decks surface and some boards, as in
our Adventure line, will have the entire top surface (approx 2″ back from the rails edge) covered with EVA making them great
for taking along children, pets and for SUP fitness exercises which incorporate yoga, pilates and even resistance training.

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Which Touring or Race Board would work best for you?

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Our Touring and Race Board line-up offers most paddlers, at any skill level, boards that perform in a manner that is both
highly efficient and desirable if distance and speed are required.  If owning a “Jack of all trades” paddleboard is not what
you had in mind but rather a SUP that would allow you to explore greater distances, Touring or Race Board shapes,
otherwise known as displacement hull boards, may be right for you.

Similar to a kayak, the nose of a Touring Board basically slices through (displaces) the water surface whereas All-Rounder
shapes (planing hull) ride on top of the water.  The Touring SUP shape can be paddled in most any flat water conditions and
when brought up to speed can cover more distance in less time but can be limited in how it reacts with side chop due to its
thicker nose profile.  This can translate into less stability for some and may require a little more experience and technique
when paddling or turning if rough conditions prevail.  A tight turning radius is not usually needed when exploring or distance
paddling thus the more straight tracking Touring Stand Up Paddleboard can be a very appealing choice.

A Race Board hull, similar to a Touring Board, is generally a displacement shape but considerably narrower and comprised of
intricate design details which provide enhanced tracking, speed and glide for a higher level of performance. Essentially, the
shape attributes built into these high performance paddleboards make them go fast! Hence, race worthy SUPs are a great
choice for those wanting the ultimate distance and fitness training paddleboard.

To achieve optimum speed while incorporating stability Race SUP designs must harmonize nose, deck, rail, bottom and tail
configurations.  Race Boards, such as the Manta, have a lower profile piercing nose designed to help the board slice upwards
through a wave.  Combining this with a recessed deck and chimed bottom for added stability, a precision rocker and narrower
tail for enhanced downwind performance make the Manta an ideal open ocean or large lake racing machine.  The Lahui Kai,
Brian Syzmanski designs feature similar attributes yet offer some very different shape details.  For instance; a more subtle
piercing style nose and intricate bottom with less rocker for enhanced glide in smoother conditions, a higher volume fore deck
for increased nose buoyancy on waves, and a wider more chiseled tail for overall increased stability.  This board is also fast
and can handle most anything thrown at it.

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