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LK Carbon Race

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Save $500 on this 12’6 Lahui Kai Carbon Race.

If your goal is to be out in front on race day or putting in even more weekly miles the 12’6 x 27.75″ Lahui Kai Carbon Race is the board for you. This board is fast! It has amazing glide, precision tracking and is very comfortable to control in all water conditions. Features Lahui Kai Triple Carbon Construction, ConnexSUP mount system and LiftSUP handle.


Length: 12’6″
Width: 27.75″
Volume: 261 litres
Weight: 27 lbs
Recommended Float Capacity: 230 lbs
Construction: CNC Shaped 1 lb. Stringerless EPS Foam Core
Glassing: Triple (3X) Carbon Construction
Deck Traction: EVA memory foam
Fin Setup: Single 9.25″ Carbon/Honeycomb Race Fin

Other Features: LiftSUP Carry Handle, Aussie Side Handle, ConnexSUP Mount, Leash Plug
Optimum Rider Weights: 145-205 lbs. Recommended Max Weight: 230 lbs.

Additional Information

The 12’6 x 27.75″ Lahui Kai Carbon Race board was designed by Brian Szymanski and John Becker for the paddler who wants more out of the stroke. The dynamic shape beautifully balances stability with efficiency, carrying capacity, glide and tracking. It is also comfortable and fast! This winning board design features Lahui Kai 3X Carbon Construction, ConnexSUP interchangeable plug mount system and LiftSUP carry handle that allows for a locking cable. Whether the goal is to be out front on race day or putting in your weeky miles and workout the 12’6 Carbon Race will meet your requiements.