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Puakea Catch 22 Green

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All Puakea blades are designed with less angle giving paddlers maximum efficiency on their stroke. As the CATCH is the most important part of the stroke, when paddling properly, the blades entry angle created naturally by the shaft length allows you to achieve the best catch (or lock) in the water.

Another important aspect of the stroke is the RELEASE. By adding more volume at the bottom of our blade, coupled with the lesser angle, we’re able to create that initial catch without needing a large scoop which can cause a sticky release. In addition, the Catch 22 blade has less dihedral (or ridge) and although a more predominant dihedral can help keep the paddle from fluttering you pay for it on the exit. Side to side motion (flutter) is caused by trying to pull the paddle faster through the water than the board wants to move. With the Catch 22 paddle you are actually learning to be patient by letting the board come up to speed instead.

The SHAFT is a custom tapered oval shape with a textured surface allowing for maximum comfort, alignment and grip. More comfort means a relaxed grip and less fatigue in the forearms. The gradual taper gives a nice feel when you choke up for starts or sprinting.

The Catch 22 Green blade is a solid flat water or downwind paddle. At 8.25” wide and 96 inches it has enough volume to grab the water when the board is moving fast and give it speed to jump or connect bumps. The high traction of this blade also gives a great travel speed in flat water with a lower stroke rate. Includes deluxe carry bag.