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Speed-Coach GPS

$445.00 CAD
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Wireless speed and distance for SUP is here! Speed-Coach GPS from NK®! Every key paddling performance measurement on the screen at once – 500M split, distance, time and stroke rate.

Out of stock

Additional Information

Absolutely NO wiring or impeller required! The groundbreaking new SpeedCoach GPS features a precision 5Hz GPS module for speed and distance and NK’s proprietary 3-axis Surge Rate technology for stroke rate. Reliable paddling performance data that updates every stroke. The SpeedCoach GPS also offers a 200-point memory, allowing you to store and review the details of your workout. The SpeedCoach GPS features a new LCD technology for a crisp, high-resolution graphical display that is perfectly visible even in bright sunlight.

Large digits are bold and easy to read even at a distance
The automatic backlight is bright even in full darkness and runs for hours on the rechargeable batteries
Four soft-touch buttons conveniently located on the top of the unit make it a breeze to use
Reset and ready the timer with one quick hold/press on the large stop/start button
Navigate the flex display window and menus with the up-down buttons
On-screen prompts tell you exactly what to do
The rechargeable batteries provide 5 to 8 hours of paddling time between charging
Flexible USB recharging allows you to use a charging “brick” for in-locker charging if desired

Includes: Protective Bumper, Mounting Strap, Battery Charger, Lanyard and Carry Pouch.