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For most people, purchasing a paddleboard is a big investment.  Providing quality and value with the right fit and performance is important to us.  We invite you to try our boards.  Whether big or small, beginner or advanced, we’ll strive to get you out on the water with the right board at the right price.


Our All-Round paddleboards are designed to accommodate most paddlers regardless of size, height, age or skill level and are shaped to perform in a variety of water conditions.  We offer several models giving you the opportunity to choose a paddleboard that will best fit your particular needs or interests.

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Our Touring and Race SUP lines also provide most paddlers, at any skill level, with boards that perform in a manner that is both highly efficient and very desirable especially if distance and speed are required.  If owning a “Jack of all trades” paddleboard is not what you had in mind but rather a SUP that would allow you to explore greater distances, touring or race board shapes may be right for you.

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